‘Why I volunteer’ Miles.

I’ve recently been asked about how my volunteering started, why I started, what’s it’s brought to me and others, and how I’ve re found myself as a human again,  after living a number of years in chaos.

I can answer these points with one word – CONNECTING!

I’ve volunteered in the past, sometimes through work or with community events and during my busy life juggling work, family and friends and trying to give something to society.

Then my circumstances turned fully upside down, I got lost inside myself, terribly unhappy with everything around me, blaming anything or anyone other than myself for the life I was now in!!!

That’s addiction, well then it was, yet not now. I’m very much on my recovery path learning everyday is precious, every connection is vital, every opportunity is one to cherish and for me – that’s my volunteering in various areas of community across the UK.

Trust is placed in me, my voice is heard, view sought and even valued at times! Although I do my best to remain humble and grateful for whatever I’m approached with. Yes, sometimes I try to people please and take on things I have no idea about, yet holding up my hands and asking for help grows me and shows me being vulnerable to admitting things I don’t know gets me even more help.

There’s always a call available, a coffee offered, a zoom to connect with, and I always try to offer the same back as its much better to give something back that was freely given to me in my chaos.

I love listening to people, their personality, their perspectives on things, their ideas on how things can be improved, developed and working with them to try and introduce those changes so vitally needed.

So ill keep offering my time, connecting and whilst writing this, maybe a second word is needed, HUMILITY!

Maybe our paths may cross in the future, who knows, yet it’d be great to connect with you.