“It’s lockdown 2…”

Paul reflects on how people who were homeless were portrayed by society as England went into the second Covid-19 lockdown 2 in November 2020.

It’s lockdown 2 and as with every sequel this one is going to be totally rubbish.

You see when you were homeless in the first lockdown, I and my fellow compatriots became the news story. Suddenly people showed an element of compassion.The only press coverage to be had was talking to us.

People went out and clapped for the NHS. News headlines were we’re going to fix homelessness.

That, in the second incarnation, is totally and utterly absent.

This time round, nobody cares. So mentally, we’re all sitting here going we’re useless time, we’re voiceless this time. We’re not going to get any effective change this time. 

And that’s depressing.