Claire writes about why she took the vaccine.

I recently had my first Covid vaccination. I don’t watch the news anymore, as, quite simply, I could no longer keep hearing about so many deaths day in an day and day out. So, with regards to the vaccine, I went in blind. When I think about it, I could dive into a deep, dark rabbit hole of the psychology behind my decision, considering the anger I have felt towards many of the irresponsible ‘powers that be’ and the reckless, baffling handling of, well… most things Covid related. Still, with the thought of a potential solution I hopped on board, arranging my appointment. I gave it my trust without a second thought.

Two days before my appointment I was in a meeting in which the vaccine was being discussed. There was a professional there and there were many questions being asked. I learnt that the Covid vaccine doesn’t work like most other traditional types. I was surprised to learn that there were a whole range of concerns. These spanned from the speed in which it was produced, to the fear of genetic modification! I’m not going to go into the reasoning behind these theories – I can only speak for myself and in the end I still went for my jab with few concerns.  Maybe that’s down to some form of Marxist conditioning but after a bit of thought I decided that it comes down to the fact that  a lot of people are contributing time and money, working towards an answer – a cure.

I must admit, I was quite ill for about five days afterwards. My throat felt was dry and welded together every morning and my head was really foggy. Since then I’ve spoke to several family members who have been vaccinated and they’re all fine. I’m glad I went ahead with it. To be honest, it’s got to be better than the alternative. Hopefully, I’ve at least given myself a fighting chance should I contract the virus. Claire. 

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