Founded in 2012, On Our Radar is a non-profit communications agency for unheard communities. We are a small, interdisciplinary team of journalists, software architects and development consultants.
We work with marginalised communities who hold deep insight into some of the world's most complex issues. The people we work with are ‘experts by experience,’ offering invaluable perspectives which can inform better services, government policy and public understanding. On Our Radar tackles the lack of agency, connectivity or resources that prevents them from sharing their knowledge and concerns.
We specialise in using appropriate technology to develop solutions which bridge the communications gaps between unheard communities and influential audiences.

With thanks to our funders and partners...


How do we work?

We support our partners and communities at key stages in the communications process, from co-designing appropriate solutions, to building capacity, providing offline connectivity services, and producing and placing content.


Collaborative project design and scoping.

Capacity Building

Community training in communications and journalism.


Mobile communications hardware and software for remote or offline communities.

Content production and placement

Audio visual production and collaborative media features with communities for public audience

Through this approach we have developed a set of evolving, award-winning tools and solutions to overcome communication barriers and bring remote and marginalised communities into the heart of communications. By tackling some of the core challenges to civic engagement - such as connectivity, capacity and confidence - we provide a point of access to some of the world’s most marginalised people.

We specialise in supporting offline and off-grid communities that are muted by the digital divide and whose needs and experiences are less heard, understood or acknowledged.

Where have we worked?

We've enabled innovative advocacy, accountability, media and research initiatives across the UK, and in countries stretching from Sierra Leone to Malaysia. If you'd like to learn more about our work and partnerships, please get in touch.

Awards and nominations